Air Sampling Pumps

Many industrial and construction sites have the potential of exposing their workers to harmful dust or vapours and gases.

As inhalation is usually the most significant route of entry into the body, it is important that the air workers breathe is monitored. Air sampling pumps draw in a known volume of air through a suitable sampling medium in order to achieve accurate results.

AES supplies two different types of air sampling devices:

  • Low Flow Sampling Pumps, which includes the Pocket Pump and Pocket Pump Touch
  • High Flow Sampling Pumps, which includes the Aircheck Touch, Airchek 3000, Airchek 5000, PCXR8, PCXR4 and more

Whether you are sampling for dusts or gases and whatever your environment, rest assured that we have an air quality sampling pump for you. Contact AES for more information on the air sampling equipment that will best meet your requirements or if you require assistance with your selection.

Areas We Serve

AES supplies our complete range of air sampling pumps to all Australian capital cities, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.