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Heat Stress Monitors

There is no workplace exposure standard or limit for heat stress, as there are many variables (including task, environment and individual) that are associated with the onset of heat strain.

Heat stress monitoring equipment is used in a variety of workplaces, including: mining, smelters, food preparation, electrical distribution and manufacturing. AES supplies a number of heat stress monitors, including HeatShield, Incon, Scarlett, Kestrel and Hot Dot Body Temp patches.

Download our Heat Stress Monitoring Guide here.

The LSI Lastem HeatShield is the ultimate solution to guarantee workers protection against the risks of heat stress.  HeatShield measures globe temperature, wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity and displays online WBGT indoor & outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex. In the workplace, it can be monitored by both personal and area heat stress meters.

Hot Dot is an economical and easy-to-use patch to help warn users of possible heat stress.  The Hot Dot patch changes colour from black to yellow as your body temperature reaches potentially unsafe levels.

AES can provide monitors to measure hydration status, internal core body temperature and instruments to evaluate the environment for potential heat stress. Contact us for assistance with your workplace heat stress monitoring needs.

Areas We Serve

AES supplies our complete range of heat stress monitors to all Australian capital cities, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.