Connected Solutions

The ability to connect all your safety devices, individual worker hazard monitors and environmental data hubs will help you improve safety and increase productivity. At AES we have the solutions and technology, backed by industry knowledge and experience, to bring advanced digital technologies to connect your world.

Whether you’re a site manager of an oil and gas platform or an occupational health consultant auditing a remediation site, AES CONNECT can provide you with a centralalised data hub to track and maintain safety procedure compliance, provide real-time results, gain quick access to equipment data and ability to produce remote reports.

Improving Worker Safety

Track the completion of training, face fit testing and medical evaluations. Access to real-time data that offers visibility into safety and health for field and lone workers.

Reduce Manual Process and Enhance Compliance and Tracking

Track inspection schedules and maintenance operations to help eliminate paper-based reporting and the potential manual errors associated with this. Real-time data collection will ensure reports are always up-to-date for audits.

Analysis and Prevention

Collect data from all areas in one central dashboard allowing for real-time actionable changes but also long-term historical data analysis and trend reporting for future improvement implementation.

Duty of Care

Understand the implications workplaces and human activity is having on the environment with collected data and continuous monitoring.


Humans exist in different domains moving freely between them in their everyday life. Within these different domains are hazards which could cause harm to an individual. This may be something immediate like exposure to a toxic gas or something where exposure over a long period of time could inflict health implications for that person in the future, for example levels of pollution or dust.

Our objective is to protect the health and well-being of humans regardless of where the threat originates from.

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Connected Worker

Workers are exposed to a number of hazards daily, whether that’s an unknown gas from a confined space, dust generated from grinding stone or excessive noise in a factory, all can have negative effects on workers health. Monitoring devices for these hazards have come a long way but they often only monitor for that specific hazards, therefore workers end up wearing two or three different monitors for each different hazard. This not only becomes overbearing for the worker but also is very admin heavy for the supervisor or operations to manage effectively.

The Connected Worker makes it easy for the worker to understand immediately if they are in danger with localised alerts and for the operations manager to see threats in real-time of an entire workforce. Each individual monitor can be connected to communicate data to a central dashboard where data can be easily viewed and analysed.


  • Improved worker safety especially for lone workers
  • Worker can see immediately if there is a danger
  • Increase productivity as the worker does not have to complete manual tasks such as paperwork or administrative duties
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Connected Workplace

Several hazards exist within all workplaces, not only do you have to keep your workforce safe with personal protective equipment, but you must also monitor hazards created by the workplace environment.

The Connected Workplace increases safety, decreases manual processes and increases productivity. Having all your monitoring devices connected to one central data hub allows for real-time viewing of data and therefore actions can be taken immediately. Connecting all monitoring devices from personal units to area, or even remote monitors to one central dashboard will also provide a continuous feed of information which can be collected and subsequently analysed for influencing future safety plans.


  • Reduce manual processes and enhance compliance tracking
  • Track high value assets
  • Historical data collection for analysis and trend recording
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Connected Community

Our communities are often built around industry, providing close living options for those who work there. Everyday necessities also play a part in our communities including sewerage treatment plants and refuse sites. If not managed correctly odours and gases can be emitted from such operations and cause unwanted smells and irritations to the occupants from communities nearby.

Another example would be mining and exploration which happens frequently in rural communities, depending on prevailing wind conditions, can blow dust and unpleasant smells to a community, if these hazards were monitored and the community was connected to these alerts, they could be notified of this or anything which may disrupt the equilibrium of communities.


  • Those living in the community could get personal alerts of an issue
  • Produce data collected reports to produce trend analysis for prevention actions
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Connected Environment

AES offers solutions for the real-time monitoring and measuring of hazardous impacts on the environment resulting from human activity. Measuring levels of dust, noise, odour and gas provides data for overall understanding of the potential detrimental effects on the environment. For example, if we can understand the impact industrial manufacturing is having on the surrounding environment, we can implement changes and preventative measures to ensure these human interferences don’t become destructive, or even worse, irreversible.


  • Understand how the environment is being affected in real-time
  • Preventative measures can be implemented
  • Large data sets collected for in depth analysis
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