Exposure to high levels of radiation can be dangerous.

As it is odourless and invisible, those who work with radioactive materials need special equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. Many industries need radiation monitoring to protect them from its harmful effects, including: first responders (HazMat, fire, police, EMS), hospital workers, nuclear facilities engineers and even workers at some industrial facilities.

AES supplies two specific types of radiation meter:

Ionisation Radiation Monitors

These radiation monitors operate on the principle that as radiation passes through air or a specific gas, ionisation of the molecules in the air occurs. When a high voltage is placed between two areas of the gas filled space, the positive ions will be attracted to the negative side (the cathode) and the free electrons will be attracted to the positive side (the anode).

Our range includes the Identifinder 2, DoseRAE 2, GammaRAE 2 and NeutronRAE 2.

EMF Meters

These radiation monitors can measure AC electromagnetic fields, which are usually emitted from manmade sources (such as electrical wiring). The electromagnetic spectrum is organised by frequency – generally, lower frequency radiation is on the left and higher frequency radiation is on the right (the latter includes infrared and ultra violet).

Our range includes the SMP2.

Areas We Serve

AES supplies our complete range of radiation monitors to all Australian capital cities, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.