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Essential for ensuring accurate performance from your gas detectors, calibration gas enables you to test your sensors whilst out in the field and, when required, bring them back into acceptable tolerance. Calibration gases come in different forms, cylinder types and volumes – we are the authorised Australian supplier of genuine RAE Systems calibration gas monitors.

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Showing 1 to 1 of 1 products

Manufacturers strongly recommend verifying the calibration of your instruments prior to use with a known concentration test gas. This test, whilst being incredibly important, only takes a few minutes to complete.

Most manufacturers agree that it is not necessary to make any calibration adjustments unless readings are off by more than some percentage of the expected value. While advice may differ between manufacturers, most suggest using ±10% as the criterion for determining whether adjustments are required.

Calibration gas detector checks are performed using a tiered approach:

  1. Bump Test: The meter is shown a gas source, shows some response and may alarm. The gas may be a calibration one or an indefinite source, such as a butane lighter or magic maker.
  2. Calibration Check: The meter is shown a calibration gas and the user verifies that the readings are within a predefined amount, typically ±10% of the concentration.
  3. Full Calibration: The meter is shown a gas and readings are adjusted (automatically or manually) to the certified gas concentration.
  4. Factory Calibration: The meter is then returned to a factory-certified service centre for testing and adjustment.

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