Landfill Gas Monitors

Using a landfill gas monitor forms an important part of ensuring a landfill site is safe for those that work on-site but also those who live and work in the surrounding areas. Landfill gas emissions present several hazards, including explosion risks from combustible methane gas, one of the most common gases to be found produced from a landfill site.

Regulated in Australia by each state’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA), using a landfill gas monitor can help to provide data and evidence of the concentration of hazardous gases being emitted from a landfill site. Landfill gas monitoring can also be used to identify what stage the landfill site is at in its lifecycle. Landfill gas monitoring can also be used to recognise leaks in landfill cover so it can be quickly addressed, and preventative action taken.

Our landfill gas monitors provide a portable solution to understanding the hazards associated with landfill gas emissions. The landfill gas analyser provides measurements for landfill gas control and site investigation.

Areas We Serve

AES supplies landfill gas monitors to all Australian capital cities, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.