Active Environmental Solutions is your expert in gas monitors, calibration, repairs and servicing.  We provide technical assistance on your confined space entry monitor and will guide you through bump testing before you go on site.  If your instrument fails your checks and procedures, we can provide full calibration to get you back to work safely. Contact our service team for assistance:

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Tiered approach to Calibration Gas Checks

Most manufacturers strongly recommend verifying the calibration of their confined space instruments with a known concentration test gas before use. This is known as a calibration gas and, while the test is very important, it is also simple and takes only a minute or two to accomplish.

Most manufacturers agree that it is not necessary to make any calibration adjustments unless calibration gas readings are off by more than some percentage of the expected value. While advice may differ between manufacturers, most suggest using ±10% as the criterion for determining whether adjustments are required. 

Calibration gas checks can be done in a tiered approach:

  1. Bump Test: The meter is shown a gas source, shows some response and may alarm. The gas may be a calibration gas or an indefinite source such as a butane lighter or magic maker.

  2. Calibration Check: The meter is shown calibration gas and the user verifies that the readings are within a predefined amount, typically ±10% of the calibration gas concentration.

  3. Full Calibration: The meter is shown calibration gas and readings are adjusted (automatically or manually) to the certified gas concentration.

  4. Factory Calibration: The meter is then returned to a factory-certified service center for testing and adjustment. 

Active Environmental Solutions is the Authorised Australian Warranty Repair and Calibration Centre for RAE Systems by Honeywell products, and facilities to calibrate all brands of gas detectors.  Contact Active Environmental Solutions to find out about our economical solutions to your calibration gas and calibration station needs.


  • Multi-Hydrocarbon Mixtures
  • Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane….
  • Benzene and BTEX Mixtures
  • PPM, LEL, % Volume Hydrocarbons
  • Natural Gas mixtures (Methane/Ethane)
  • Natural Gas Odourant Calibrations
  • Tetrahydrothiophene, Methyl Mercaptan
  • CO,CL2,H2S,H2,HCN,HCL,NO,NO2,NH3,SO2…..
  • Exploration Mud logging Instrument Mixtures( C1-C6)
  • GC / MS Calibration Gas
  • High Purity Gases
  • High Purity Hydrogen
  • PID/ FID calibration
  • Stack Gas (SO2, CL2,NO,NO2…..)

Mining/ Mineral Processing

  • Coal Mining Instrument Calibration Gas(CH4,CO,CO2,O2)
  • Confined Space Monitoring
  • Precious Mineral Processing(HCN,HCL,SO2,CO)
  • Methane ( ppm, LEL, %Volume)
  • Underground Diesel Vehicle Emissions(NO,NO2,CO)
  • Zero Gas, Nitrogen

Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Medical, Homelands Security)

  • Confined Space Instrument Calibration(CO,H2S,CH4,O2)
  • Isobutylene for PID calibrations
  • Carbon Monoxide (carboxyhemoglobin) Instrument Calibrations
  • Ethanol Breathalyser Test Instrument Calibration
  • High Purity Hydrogen for FID Calibrations
  • Specialty Gases for toxic gas analyzer calibrations
  • CO2 calibration

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Safety Gas Detection Calibration Gas
  • Multi-gas mixtures (H2S/CO/CH4/O2)
  • Single Toxic Gas(CO,CL2,H2S,HCL,HCN,NH3,NO,NO2,SO2…)
  • Confined Space Entry Instrument Calibration Gas
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consultant Calibration Gas
  • Calibration Gas for Training Organizations
  • Large Volume(High Pressure) Cylinders for Docking Stations

Environmental Monitoring

  • Stack Gas (SO2, NO, NO2, CO….)
  • Combustion Efficiency Testing
  • Land Fill Measurement Calibration Gas - Methane
  • Vehicle Emissions
  • Exhaust Test Calibration Gas (CO,NO,NO2)
  • Airborne Emissions Gas Calibration
  • Environmental Consultants

Process and Plant Control:

  • Process Gas Analysers
  • Fixed System Gas Detection Calibration 


AES provides precision gravimetric calibration gas, specialty gas and high purity gases for all gas detection instruments, environmental gas analysers, process control gas analysers, laboratory gas chromatography and mass spectrometry applications for research or quality assurance. Cylinders are available in small non refillable (disposable), large volume high pressure cylinders and lecture bottles. Also available is a range of low and high pressure regulators, gas distribution systems, gas manifolds and filling panels for multiple cylinder applications.


  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Process and Plant Control
  • Laboratory(Industry, Mining & Reseach)

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