Cirrus Research has just launched their new Vibration Meter; RevoTM Vibration Meter for Hand-Arm, Whole-Body and Machinery Vibration Monitoring.

Please contact AES for more information or visit our REVOTM Hand-Arm and Whole-Body Vibration Monitor page

Safe Work Australia has just released workplace vibration guidance material - 8 October 2015 - and is available from Safe Work Australia website

There are 4 Guides:

  • Measuring and Assessing workplace exposure to hand-arm vibration
  • Managing the risks of exposure to hand-arm-vibration in the workplace
  • Measuring and assessing workplace exposure to whole-body vibration
  • Managing the risks of exposure to whole body vibration in the workplace

There are also two Information Sheets on Hand-Arm Vibration and Whole Body Vibration

Workers can be exposed to Vibration in many different industries including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, trades and construction costing millions in workers' compensation payouts and the effects of Vibration in the workplace can be permanently disabling, such as white finger, carpet tunnel sydnrome, sensory nerve damage, muscle and joint damage and occupational overuse syndrome.

The two main types of vibration are; whole-body vibration (WBV) and hand-arm vibration (HAV). The most common occurence of exposure happens when workers operate handheld power tools or hand guided machinery but can also be affected by driving or travelling in vehicles.

The longer the worker is exposed to whole body vibration (WBV), the higher the risk of health problems.