Physical distancing measures have been introduced to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Australian government health alerts). These measures have presented challenges for Occupational Hygienists and others conducting workplace exposure monitoring as the conventional methods for configuring, fitting personal monitoring devices and face-to-face explanation of results now need to be reassessed. Occupational Hygiene exposure monitoring may be deferred, suspended or even cancelled based upon an organisation’s response to the virus outbreak and physical distancing requirements.

Real-time wireless connected monitoring devices can provide a potential solution to these challenges.

Exposure monitoring for noise vibration, heat stress, gas and vapour and dust can all be conducted using wireless connected monitoring devices, thus eliminating the need for close contact between the occupational hygienist or safety manager and the individual(s) being monitored. Indoor Air Quality measurements and data analysis can also be performed without the need for attendance by the consultant.

AES is Australia’s leader in the field of connected wireless occupational hygiene exposure monitoring instrumentation.

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AES can work directly with your consultant to provide equipment that is cleaned in accordance with current best practice and delivered directly to your site pre-programmed and ready to deploy. Real-time data and results can be accessed remotely by your consultant and reports and recommendations provided. This method reduces the need for onsite attendance while still ensuring regulatory safety procedures are followed and the safety of workers is maintained.

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