Reactec and Active Environmental Solutions combine expertise

Active Environmental Solutions (AES) is a specialist supplier of equipment to organisations dedicated to improving worker health and safety, and a champion of Reactec’s connected worker technology. When it comes to the adoption of real-time monitoring tech - particularly in the areas of vibration, noise, and dust - we are eager to stay ahead of the game, and are committed to bringing the most modern connected worker technology to organisations and teams across Australia.

AES: improving safety and productivity through connectedness:

AES is committed to providing ‘connected solutions’ to a range of sectors throughout Australia, including construction, oil and gas, water industry operators, and more. Our comprehensive set of products and services for supporting these industries includes monitors and software that address air quality, noise, dust, heat, radiation, light, and exposure to vibration.

Our view is clear: by harnessing the power of connected instrumentation, data analytics, and technical capability, AES is uniquely positioned to provide enhanced outcomes to the occupational environment in Australia.

This data-forward approach aligns perfectly with the Reactec philosophy: that engineering risk out of the workplace is possible with a data-driven approach that gives teams and duty holders a 360-degree view of their risk environment.

Both AES and Reactec are pioneers in the area of ‘connected worker technology,’ which is built upon a few clear and simple guiding principles:

The foundation that all of this is built on, of course, is that a workplace - and workers’ risk - is worth understanding in the first place. Said otherwise: this approach is underpinned by a core belief that compliance with health and safety directives is more than just a box to tick and should be meaningfully considered, evaluated, and understood.

A digital revolution: the changing landscape of occupational health and safety in Australia:

The landscape of occupational health and safety is changing in Australia, and AES is ready and well-equipped to lead the pack when it comes to driving adoption of a new model for innovation in this space. Now, more than ever before, there’s greater emphasis being placed on the forward-thinking approach to risk management embodied by AES and our partners, like Reactec.

And while it may seem bold to call this a digital revolution, it’s clear that the occupational health industry landscape in Australia is poised - if not eager - to make the switch to a technology-driven approach and adopt new, improved ways of working:

“Digital transformation is about creating a new model for innovation across our business. In construction, given the challenges of connecting vast volumes of data and people, our focus of this change is on connection – connecting people, processes, data, workflows and project phases.”

Through our partnership with Reactec we are helping to bring this vision to reality by deploying R-Link, the third-generation workplace wearable technology, to workers and teams across the continent to help them better understand, monitor, and mitigate their exposure to vibration and risk from proximity to moving vehicles or machines.

Connected worker technology and the future of occupational health and safety:

It’s clear that the future of occupational health and safety in Australia - and around the world - will be built by teams and organisations who adopt and embrace connected worker technologies early, and often. AES and its partners in innovation - like Reactec - have set a course toward a connected future where individual employees, teams, and businesses will have simple, fast access to reliable, accurate information that can be used in real and near-real time to make workplaces safer, healthier, and more productive.

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