The new R-Link® smart watch, provides enhanced capability from its original HAVS monitoring wearable, HAVWEAR, to protect your workforce from multiple industrial risks, including proximity warnings to moving equipment or vehicles on a single device.

With the R-Link watch fully integrated eco-system, and the powerful Reactec Analytics, you have an unprecedented view of your employees’ environment to deliver effective risk prevention and open new avenues to improve operational efficiency and safety.


The R-Link watch has been developed to assess and manage hand arm vibration (HAV) risks more easily and effectively.

The R-Link smart watch is new generation of workplace wearable technology which is designed to help workers monitor the risk of exposure to vibration. R-Link informs the wearer of their exposure levels by calculating and displaying their HSE HAV risk assessment exposure points in real-time. Sound and vibration alerts inform the wearer if their personalised exposure thresholds have been exceeded.

R-Link features ground-breaking technology to simultaneously assess exposure risk using; pre-defined tool vibration magnitude and vibration magnitude sensed by the wearer at the wrist.

R-Link Proximity

The upgraded R-link smart watch also has multi-function proximity warning system capability, using the latest ultra-wideband technology for fast and accurate detection, the R-Link watch will alert workers of their proximity, keeping your workforce safe from straying too close to dangerous vehicles or equipment.

Employee alerts alone are not enough. The powerful Reactec Analytics provide intelligent insights on the who, where and how often near misses occur, allowing you to prevent future incidents. Whether it be behaviours or workflow hot spots, gain the insight needed to create effective controls.

Key Features

  • Keep workers safe with proximity warnings to moving vehicles or equipment
  • Gain real insight of exposure to vibration and readily show compliance
  • Create exclusion zones, based on workers’ credentials, to restrict access
  • Send alerts and track lone workers
  • Track employee movements and activity levels

The R-Link eco-system and cloud-based analytics are easy to deploy, and simple to use. With advanced technology, R-Link allows you to cost effectively gain absolute control of your operations, therefore preventing workplace health issues, while having unprecedented insight into productivity drivers.



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