Reactec has developed SAFE-DISTANCE by repurposing HAVwear and RASOR to support social distancing in the workplace.

A HAVwear watch provides users with SAFE-DISTANCE instant alerts to help them avoid being too close to colleagues. Docking stations gather and transmit data securely for next day automatic SAFE-DISTANCE reporting of physical distance behaviour.

Add RASOR either in fixed locations or carried by a supervisor to gather live SAFE-DISTANCE data and have peace of mind that RASOR will also alert them to their own proximity to other HAVwear or RASOR users.

Intuitive Analytics

Data collected by HAVwear is automatically and securely transmitted to on-line data Analytics. Automatic e-mails and text messages will alert managers to any events of unsafe distancing. Reactec Analytics allows you to review the behaviour of all your employees including the number and duration of unsafe distancing events.

If contact tracing is required, you can use this data internally to review which workers might need to be managed in line with your isolation policies.

How Safe-Distance determines proximity

SAFE-DISTANCE determines the proximity of wearers based on the signal strength of Bluetooth radio signals between each device within a vicinity. This provides a good indication when users are within 2m of each other, as opposed to a measurement of their separation.

SAFE-DISTANCE’s ability to detect proximity of wearers is less hampered by body blocking than that of torso worn devices or smart phone-based apps which may be carried in a pocket. A wrist worn device can benefit from hand/arm movement to allow for a wider arc of personal space monitoring. SAFE-DISTANCE also monitors the duration of proximity and is configured to avoid raising false alarms from colleagues being close for very short periods - such as briefly walking past each other.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated system for social distancing and health risk monitoring management
  • Proven data protection compliant system assures employee privacy
  • Corporate control of devices and data with on demand daily allocation
  • Customisable for cohort working and barriered safe zones
  • Practical wrist worn monitor for simple, effective proximity detection

This device can also be used to measure Hand Arm Vibration levels, to view this product please go here.



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