The new BW RigRat from Honeywell provides the longest operation time on one charge than any other Area Monitor.  

The Rigrat can provide perimeter or area monitoring for up to 8 weeks on one charge without the need for cables, using wireless technology to form a connected safety boundary. The RigRat can form part of a Connected Solution offering wireless connectivity of all safety devices, including onsite personal detectors and remote equipment, delivering information to one central point.

The transportable multi-gas area monitor compliments your personal gas detectors, by simply placing the monitor nearby it will alert workers in the area to gas threats enabling preventative measures to be taken quickly.

Personal gas detectors monitor the immediate breathing environment for workers, whereas the BW RigRat provides readings from the surrounding area. With 8 weeks run time off one single charge it’s the longest operating area monitor available

You can monitor up to 6 gases per unit with the added flexibility of switching the sensors out when you need to. Compatible with more than 15 options of sensor including detection of toxic gases, oxygen and LEL (lower explosive limit), infrared sensors for highly flammable gases and an option for PID (Photoionisation detector) to monitor for volatile organic compounds.

The BW RigRat has the ability to run for 8 weeks on one charge, with line power for extended periods and solar power back up is available if needed. 

Key Features

  • 8 weeks operation off one single charge- the longest of any area monitors
  • Instant area threat awareness
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Fully self contained unit- no cables
  • Choose up to 6 sensors from a range of more than 15 options
  • No broken chains, removing a RigRat will not break the connection

Making gas monitoring easy

AES want to make your monitoring solutions as easy as possible, we therefore offer the TouchPoint Plus Controller providing one central location for real time visibility of area monitors and personal gas detectors.

The TouchPoint Plus Controller is an intuitive touchscreen wireless controller programmed for up to 72 channels of gas detection. Using this device you can also remotely programme outputs including lights, fans, horns or shutdowns providing instant action if necessary.

If you are already using personal gas detectors you can use the BW RigRat as a hub that connects them to the controller. Therefore, if a personal detector goes into alarm, you will know it with centralised control.

Connected Worker Solutions

Why not look into connecting your whole operation and all your workers? Save time on paperwork and administrative tasks plus increase safety compliance and productivity with an AES Connect solution. Gain remote and centralised visibility across gas detection, dust and vapour, noise, vibration and physiological hazards effecting not just your workers and workplace but potentially the community and environment as well. Please just get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve this.


  • Zone declassification
  • Turnarounds
  • Confined space entry daily tasks
  • Confined space pre-entry
  • Routine maintenance
  • Fence line
  • Explosive atmospheres
  • Shutdowns
  • H2S Cleaning
  • Environmental monitoring

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