Portable and Wireless Six-Gas Monitor with Advanced VOC detection

RAE Systems new MultiRAE is the most advanced wireless portable chemical detector on the market. The MultiRAE’s revolutionary PID sensor detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and supports in excess of 30 electrochemical, NDIR, and catalytic sensors to detect up to five additional threats.

These include: toxic and combustible gases, oxygen deficiency/enrichment, and carbon dioxide.

The wireless capability of the new MultiRAE elevates worker safety and protection to the next plane by providing safety officers with real-time access to instrument readings and alarm status from any location for better visibility and faster incident response.

IECEx approvals.

Wireless and AutoRAE 2 compatible.

  • Wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status
  • Man down Alarm
  • Over 20 interchangeable sensor options, including PID
  • Large graphical display with easy-to-use, icon-driven user interface
  • Continuous datalogging (6 months for 5 sensors, 24x7)


Industrial hygiene, personal protection, and multi-gas leak detection in industries such as:

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical
  • Aviation (wing tank entry)
  • Shipping / Marine
  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical
  • HazMat response
  • Clandestine drug labs

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