Has your MiniRAE 3000 ever started beeping and flashing once per minute for seemingly no reason? This is actually the instruments way of telling you that its battery has dropped below a certain voltage, meaning that it needs to be charged as soon as possible. To prevent loss of power during use, you should always charge your MiniRAE’s battery prior to use.

To charge, all you need to do is place the MiniRAE 3000 into its cradle or connect the supplied travel charger. The contacts on the bottom of the instrument will be flush with the contacts in the cradle, which allows power transfer to take place. Before putting the MiniRAE into the cradle, however, you should check that its contacts are clean and give them a quick wipe if they aren’t.

When you place the MiniRAE into its cradle, you will need to press down and lean the instrument back to ensure that it locks into place. The LED light in the cradle (marked ‘primary’) should begin blinking. When the battery is fully charged, the ‘primary’ light will constantly glow green. The instrument will also display a ‘fully charged!’ message.

It is also possible to charge a spare battery, which can come in handy if you plan on using the MiniRAE 3000 for extended periods of time. Turn the cradle over and locate the charging port. Then, press the spare battery into place by sliding it towards the front of the cradle. To remove the battery once it is fully charged, simply slide it forward and tilt it slightly upwards.