When it comes to ensuring environmental safety within your workplace, it may interest you to learn that some of the best gas detectors on the market are manufactured by RAE Systems. One of these detectors, known as the MiniRAE, is very popular for use across a number of industries. This is because you cannot take any risks when working in close proximity with hazardous gases and only the best will do.

There are a number of reasons that many people consider the gas detectors manufactured by RAE Systems to be the best, including:

  • As soon as a gas enters the airstream, the device will detect it immediately and sound a warning alarm. This alarm will alert nearby workers that something has gone amiss and they will be able to leave the area for safety.
  • There are devices designed to detect more general gases that may be present in the workplace – including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and so on – and there are devices that are designed for use in specific industries – including refineries, power plants, sewers, and so on.

 You only have to speak to a worker who uses a gas detector manufactured by RAE Systems on a regular basis to understand how effective these devices actually are. Each of the detectors is easy to use (not to mention easy to calibrate and upload stored data from) and are manufactured from robust materials to ensure long term reliability. Don’t look any further than the detectors supplied by RAE Systems when it comes to ensuring the environmental safety of your workplace.