Our partners at Trolex are so confident in the monitoring technology of their new XD One personal dust monitor that they wanted to put it to the test and invited the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a UK government agency, to carry out a series of tests on the unit.

The HSE is responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in Great Britain. A series of tests were carried out on three XD One’s and the results were reported on.

The tests were carried out in an independent calm air chamber using Arizona Road dust, the industry standard for accuracy measurements and calibration. Testing was performed at 3 concentrations 2mg/m3, 5mg/m3 and 11mg/m3. The readings of the simultaneous gravimetric sampling were performed using TIOM and GK 2.69 for comparison (this is a weight/volume of air sample). 2

Several critical messages were taken from the report, these were:

  • The XD One performs as well as or better than the rival products in accurately monitoring for respirable dust (PM 4.25) at typical concentrations found in a workplace (up to 5mg/m3 and below).

(It is worth noting that EH40, the official HSE reference document on Workplace Exposure Limits, allows a maximum of 4mg/m3 exposure at any time – i.e. between the low and medium concentrations used in the tests, so these are the concentrations that matter in terms of real-world monitoring).

  • The tests found that the XD One’s performance was consistent between the XD One units (demonstrating that the good performance was consistent and repeatable).
  • The XD One was consistent with the gravimetric sampling units (the current industry standard, and often regulated methodology) at the tested dust levels.
  • The XD One also performed as well or better than competitor products in ‘stepped-tests’ where the dust concentration was changed over time. All results up to 5mg/m3 (more than the HSE Guideline exposure limit) show a positive and accurate relationship with the current gravimetric standard.

Other points to note were the XD One displayed a very high degree of accuracy at 2.5mg/m3 concentration and the XD One demonstrates high trending accuracy in changing concentrations and a strong correlation to the gravimetric respirable mean.

The report from the HSE reinforces the accuracy and quality of the XD One personal dust monitor from Trolex. If you would like to see more product info please take a look here, or get in touch to talk through any questions you may have.

Read the full report here.