The XD One from Trolex is a personal dust monitor like no other. It is specifically designed as a compact, robust, wearable or mountable platform to support real-time detection of harmful dust particles including silica dust. The cost-effective unit provides warning alerts and logging capability of hazardous particulate concentrations.

With personal exposure in mind, the XD One allows users to monitor and log their immediate inhalation zones and associated risks in real-time. The device allows for body-worn, locally mountable, or fixed cab installations as required.

Designed for use in a range of applications and environments, the device is suitable for monitoring both indoor and outdoor particulate conditions and is built to sense both high and low concentrations accurately. Adaptive flow rate technology supports measurement accuracy in atmospheres with varying airflow ranges.

  • PM1, 2.5, 4.25 and 10 and TSP measurement range
  • 0.35µm - 40µm Particle Sizing Range
  • Custom Logging Intervals from 10s – 60s
  • On Device Audio/Visual Alarms
  • Custom Alarm Set Points (Application Configurable)
  • On-Device Self Check
  • Battery Operated, Rechargeable (16hrs+)
  • On Device Data Logging 
  • Less than 450g

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