The ONLY USEPA verified (United States Environmental Agency) rapid on-site post cleaning method has enhanced its protocol to increase sensitivity almost 10-fold, in reaction to the increased standards demand during the pandemic.

Mycometer’s Bactiquant Surface is a portable lab kit providing on-site results from sterile swabs using a method based on specific enzyme activity by use of a very sensitive fluorescence technology. As an alternative method to ATP, the process provides rapid results to determine when the level of bacterial contamination requires remediation and the criteria for determining successful cleaning.

Unlike other rapid systems such as ATP, the Bactiquant Surface system has no interferences from the most commonly used cleaning chemicals such as bleach, peroxide and quaternary ammonium.

Bactiquants advantage

The protocol effectively increases sensitivity by almost a factor of 10 and is appropriate to document a high level of surface cleaning. Please contact AES for this modified more sensitive protocol.

If you have removed bacteria to a certain very low level, then you have a high probability that the virus has been eliminated.

Mycometer’s Bactiquant Surface provides:

  • No interferences from cleaning chemicals such as bleach, peroxide, quaternary ammonium
  • Test On-site. Determine level of bacterial contamination on surfaces
  • Repeatable and reliable method. Robust chemistry and standardised sampling and analysis protocols are the basis of the high reproducibility of this method.
  • Easily interpreted. The robust chemistry provides defined cut off values for clean/not clean and for normal house level or contaminated house level.
  • Versatility. The same kit can be used to specifically measure: bacteria in water, surface mould and mould in air.


Please note: Both ATP and Bactiquant Surface methods are not a measure of sterility nor does it measure viruses directly.