Bactiquant®-surface is an on-site bacterial contamination assessment and is the only test equipment on the market today that allows you to separately detect bacterial and fungal contamination on-site, within one hour. *

The technology behind Bactiquant®-surface has been verified by USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and was specifically developed for testing surfaces that have been affected by Category 1, 2 & 3 water sources or potentially contaminated with bacteria.

Flooding due to sewage backflow, surface waters or potable water pipe leaks can lead to significant bacterial contamination in a building. Bactiquant®-surface is also used for testing whether bacterial biofilms have formed e.g. in HVAC condensate pans. This on-site method provides fast results to determine when the level of bacterial contamination requires remediation and the criteria for determining successful cleaning.

With the Bactiquant®-surface method you can demonstrate the efficacy of cleaning effort and show that the total bacterial level has been reduced to levels found on clean surfaces in non-contaminated buildings. Both pathogenic bacteria and endotoxins are therefore reduced to insignificant levels. Used as an alternative to ATP, the Bactiquant Surface system has no interferences from the most commonly used cleaning chemicals such as bleach, peroxide and quaternary ammonium.

*Please see updated increased sensitivity protocol introduced in response to COVID-19.

  • USEPA verified method
  • Test On-site
  • Rapid results - Determine level of bacterial contamination on surfaces
  • Repeatable and reliable method
  • Robust chemistry and standardized sampling and analysis protocols are the basis of the high reproducibility of this method
  • Easily interpreted results
  • No contamination from bleach or other cleaning agents




  • Medical and clinical facilities
  • Contamination assessment /delineation
  • Water and flood damage cleanup
  • Building envelope leakage
  • HVAC cleaning/maintenance
  • Carpet and fabric contamination
  • Sewage backflow


How does the Bactiquant- Surface method compare to ATP based technology?

The Bactiquant-surface does not correlate well with ATP based methods. ATP is present in all living organisms, in the cells, in exudates, and secretions. The hydrolase activity measured by the Bactiquant-surface method is a much more specific measure of total bacteria present. As an example: Slide a finger cross a surface. This will leave high amounts of ATP on the surface even though no bacterial hydrolase can be measured.

Can the Bactiquant- surface help in making the remediation process more efficient and economic?

Yes. Not having to wait for lab results allows for rapid demobilization of remediation barriers and containment systems and enables the re-occupancy of an area that much faster. Additionally, the Bactiquant-surface method can be used to evaluate the efficacy of different methods for cleaning contaminated materials. A test cleaning assessment using the Bactiquant-surface method enables remediators and consultants to quickly, and empirically, identify materials that can and cannot be cleaned.


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