Quantum Outdoor provides comprehensive environmental noise measurements to help you monitor and manage noise and environmental impact by giving you the option to monitor a range of factors. Outlined below are the parameters Quantum Outdoor can monitor for, and why it is important to collect this data.

Why Choose Quantum Outdoor as your Environmental Monitor?

  • The flexible system allows you to monitor as many parameters as you like, using any combination from the below.
  • All data is captured in one central place, connected to the cloud via MyCirrus platform, making it easy to view and generate reports.
  • Quantum Outdoor provides you with complete confidence in readouts. The manufacturer, Cirrus Research plc, has been operating for more than 40 years and produce quality, reliable and accurate products, built to compliant industry standards. Installing a Quantum Outdoor means you can have complete confidence in the results produced.


Quantum Outdoor provides comprehensive environmental noise measurements.

This powerful noise monitor with built-in cloud connectivity is ideal for long-term unattended noise monitoring applications. Quantum Outdoor offers the complete noise monitoring solution by offering all the benefits of remote 24/7 noise monitoring, along with the ability to see noise level data on the MyCirrus cloud platform anytime, anywhere.

Connect multiple devices and view live measurements simultaneously to get the full picture of your noise impact.

Gas & Particulates Monitoring

Air quality sampling directly alongside noise level monitoring.

As well as noise, one of the biggest components of environmental monitoring is air quality sampling. Ensuring the environment is free from dangerous levels of certain gases and particulates, such as dust, is essential in order to keep people and the environment safe. With instant access to air quality data alongside noise measurement information, Quantum Outdoor provides you with a greater level of control over your environmental impacts, allowing you to respond in real-time and make effective decisions when it comes to implementing remedial action. Connected to the cloud via MyCirrus, Quantum Outdoor sends all measurement data directly to the Quantum Portal where it can be viewed, analysed and reported on.

With the addition of Quantum Outdoor's air sampling integration you can detect key environmental pollutants including gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and nitrate. The air quality sensor can detect particulates too including respirable particles with sizes PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10. Many of these gases and particulates are found in vehicle and motor exhausts, as well as in smoke from burning oil and coal, and in dust from demolition, construction and quarrying for example.

Ground Vibration Monitoring

Get the full environmental picture with comprehensive noise and vibration data.


Whether you work in heavy industry, transport and logistics or construction, noise and ground vibration are key environmental impacts that you need to monitor and control. It's vital that if you work in an industry that creates lots of ground vibration, you understand the levels you're creating and the impact it may have on nearby residences or businesses regarding nuisance vibration or building damage.

Using a bolt-on module, Quantum Outdoor can be configured to measure ground vibration levels as peak particle velocity (PPV) in millimetres per second (mm/s). The highly accurate and sensitive seismograph measures the movement of molecular particles within the ground, providing reliable ground vibration data directly alongside your environmental noise readings.

With instant access to ground vibration data, Quantum Outdoor provides you with a greater level of control and transparency over your environmental impacts, allowing you to respond in real time and make effective decisions when it comes to mitigation. Connected to the cloud via MyCirrus, Quantum Outdoor sends all measurement data directly to the Quantum Portal where it can be viewed, analysed and reported on.


Weather monitoring

Greater insight into your noise data and a more comprehensive environmental picture.

No environmental monitoring picture is complete without having access to weather data. Weather data can provide much-needed context for noise levels and can help direct decisions that affect environmental impacts. With the option of either a wind speed and direction-only monitor or a comprehensive system capturing every weather parameter, Quantum Outdoor can provide you with a comprehensive environmental picture that will help you make more effective decisions to protect the environment and residents close by.

All your weather data is sent straight to the Quantum Portal via the cloud-based platform, providing instant access to measurements whenever you need it, at any time and on any device. Within the Quantum Portal, your weather data is displayed alongside your noise measurement information, allowing you to improve your understanding of noise impacts under varying weather conditions. This level of detail will help you to make more effective and targeted decisions when it comes to mitigating environmental impacts.

No matter whether you’re monitoring one small area or several locations across a worksite, city or region, each individual Quantum monitor links up to your cloud account. You can view live data from all your monitors in one place, wherever you are and whenever you need to.

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