AES have compiled a heat stress monitoring product portfolio that is the most comprehensive and sophisticated available on the market today. These products are sourced from manufacturers that use leading edge technology with fit for purpose functionality.

KENZEN, the newest addition, combines a continuous safety monitoring solution to keep industrial workforces safe from heat stress, fatigue, and overexertion on the job through the delivery of real-time alerts.

The lightweight and compact unit is worn on the arm of the worker. Using highly accurate sensor technology the KENZEN patch records biometric data from the body in a highly effective and unobtrusive way.

KENZEN monitors for core body temperature, including fever pre-screening, heart rate with multi-LED PPG sensor, worker microclimate including mL lost per hour and activity levels with motion metrics.

AES can help to implement the KENZEN monitoring platform across your workforce via integrated worker devices, mobile apps, team dashboards and enterprise software.

The ability to access this information from one central location, like a team dashboard, benefits the manager so they can predict and prevent injury and illness in that moment with de-identified team data. Occupational Health and Safety and Risk professionals will benefit from the broad risk management tools that aggregate, sort, and anonymise enterprise data.

Who are KENZEN?

KENZEN say the power of predictive analytics and prevention is changing the future of safety tech, giving managers the muscle to predict and prevent unsafe conditions before they occur, a view AES also agrees with.

The American based company named after the Japanese word for ‘of sound health’, KENZEN captures its creators’ passion for monitoring physiological markers and preventing injury and illness, on a large scale.

How the KENZEN ethos developed:

 “The turn of the 21st century, the digital world begins to fuse with the physical and biological worlds, transforming the industrial landscape. Machines, computers, and humans now work in a new, integrated manner to improve production and protect the worker.

“Smart PPE redefines the value of the worker from this point forward, enhancing each individual’s unique physiology while protecting the entire workforce from injury and illness.

It’s the age of the protected worker.”

We’re excited to be the authorised Australian distributor for KENZEN, their innovative products are a great addition to our complete heat stress monitoring programme.

For more information about KENZEN products please visit here, or to view our complete heat stress monitoring range please click here.