The KENZEN patch houses a sensor and is worn on the arm providing continuous safety monitoring. The technology used provides highly accurate and real-time data.

KENZEN provides heat and safety monitoring of key physiological indicators for each worker, such as core body temperature, heart rate, and exertion levels.

A complete safety monitoring platform, the KENZEN solution can be deployed across your workforce via integrated worker devices, mobile apps and cloud-based dashboards.

KENZEN’s continuous safety monitoring solutions predict and prevent industrial worker injury and illness from heat, over-exertion, and fever.

Key Benefits

Detection is contextual to the worker’s physiology and their discrete environment.

Data is hyper-personalised, with individual baselines and de-identified data at the management level.

Millions of precise data points translate to actionable insights, in real-time, allowing managers to provide immediate support.

Machine learning predictive models deploy across workforce populations, giving managers tools to prevent future heat-related injury and illness.

Key Features

  • Individual worker biometric device and mobile application
  • Small, waterproof device encourages worker self-monitoring of personal health stats
  • Mobile app allows for worker self-detection of health alerts
  • Personalised data is de-identified at management level
  • Web-based team dashboard
  • Safety intelligence risk management views that analyse and create safety reports
  • Machine learning system
  • Customisable integrations and Cloud APIs extract and expose data in usable client formats
  • Actionable insights based on millions of real-time data points

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