It is a little known fact among most circles that prolonged exposure to vibration can cause extreme health issues in a person’s body. Hand-arm and whole body vibration detection is important in the relevant industries, as it can help to prevent unnecessary injuries and ensure the good health of employees.

But how can some shuddering cause health issues? Having contact with a machine that shudders actually transfers some of that movement energy to a person’s body, and can affect a major part of their body or just a single organ.

Hand-arm (or segmental) vibration is common amongst workers who frequently use heavy-duty equipment, such as chainsaws, drills, grinders, lawnmowers, air guns, power washers, wood working machinery, and so on. Vibration detection can help to prevent damage to the blood circulatory system, sensory nerves, muscles, bones and joints.

Whole body vibration affects workers who are exposed to prolonged periods of work on moving platforms, and who drive tractors, fork lifts, earth moving machinery, trucks, and so on. Detecting this movement is vital in helping to reduce the cases of back pain and damage developing in these workers.

Without efficient vibration detection equipment, many workers will find themselves unable to continue working much sooner than they thought they would. This will lead to an increase in early retirees, as well as to an increase in Worksafe claims made by workers who have sustained health issues.

If you work in an industry that frequently exposes its employees to high levels of machine movement, you should look into what detection equipment your workplace is using to ensure its employees safety.