If you work in an industry that frequently exposes its employees or neighbouring communities to excessive noise, you may be familiar with a sound level meter and what it does. These devices are very handy when it comes to the protection and prevention of hearing damage and even deafness in exposed people.

Essentially, the device measures sound level pressure. It is commonly used in industries that create a large amount of noise pollution, such as industrial, environmental and aircraft noise. A sound meter will generally have 3 applications in any of the relevant industries:

  • Basic noise survey: this involves very simple measurements, such as spot-checking the noise created by audible alarms.
  • Occupational noise: this involves the measurement of an employee’s noise exposure whilst at work. Generally, these measurements are used to determine that the exposure is below the legal limits.
  • Environment noise: this involves the measure of noise pollution that any neighbouring people are exposed to.

When it comes to protecting yourself, your employees and the public from hearing damage and deafness, sound meters should be your first choice in prevention. Utilize them in all areas that experience excessive levels of noise.

Active Envirionmental Solutions has a range of Noise Dosimeters and Type 1 and Type 2 Sound Level Meters from manufacturer Cirrus Research plc.   Cirrus Research plc is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of sound level meters, noise meters, noise dosimeters, environmental noise monitoring systems and acoustic transducers.