Fatalities from industrial and work accidents that are caused from dangerous hazards in the atmosphere, found in many workplaces, are regrettably common.  It is unusual, if a week goes by that does not see the publication of a newspaper story describing a “fatal blast” at an industrial plant, or workers being overcome, or suburbs being evacuated by a release of “toxic vapours” or gases. 

Many types of industrial worker activity, such as confined space entry, “hot work” or welding, and many other routine plant maintenance procedures, have a high likelihood for developing dangerous atmospheric conditions, including oxygen deficiencies or explosions. 
The main cause of most accidents, stemming from dangerous atmospheric conditions, is:

1. Failure to recognize the existence of the hazards,

2. Failure to use the proper procedures to control or eliminate the hazards, and

3. Failure to take appropriate action at concentrations and under circumstances that allow workers to exit the affected area before conditions become life-threatening.

RAE Systems provides combination radiation detectors and dosimeters, and advanced compound-specific and general-purpose flammable and toxic-gas detectors and wireless gas detectors designed to keep people and property safe.  Studies have found that the root cause of the majority of fatal confined space accidents is the hazardous atmosphere (or gases present) associated with the space.  The hazardous atmosphere may develop prior to the entry or may be associated with work activity. When choosing a gas detector for your workplace, you will need to consider which substances or gases, in particular, your detector will need to measure.