The WPF60 probe can detect up to 60 GHz. The probe can detect the highest frequencies of telecommunications and 5G systems, and of industrial, medical, defence and security applications.

An extremely versatile probe. Compatible with the SMP2 portable meter, the only one that currently covers the incredible frequency range from 0 Hz to 60 GHz.

The WPF60 can also equip the MonitEM and MonitEM-Lab area monitors, which allow 24/7 continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields.

Its isotropic RMS sensors allow accurate measurements, regardless of its position. It also has excellent attenuation of network frequencies (50/60 Hz) to avoid false positives.

This probe covers present and future applications in telecommunications, engineering laboratories, industry, research centres and the medical, aeronautical and defence sectors.

  • High dynamic range of 60 dB
  • Isotropic and RMS measurement
  • Excellent attenuation at 50/60 Hz
  • Meets international standards

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