The WaveMon LF-400 is a unique, low frequency exposimeter that warns the user of high level of exposure to low frequency magnetic fields (0 Hz) and AC magnetic fields (10 Hz to 400 kHz). Warnings are given as a percentage of exposure to a defined limit of a specific standard. It can work with general public or occupational limits.

The WaveMon LF-400 low frequency exposimeter has a datalogger for continuous data recording.

Communication with the device is through a USB port that allows you to configure the device and download the recorded data. This makes it easy to create reports and allows you to keep a record of your exposure data for your safety.

Main features include:

  • Conforms to international electromagnetic field safety standards
  • H/B-field measurements from 0 Hz to 400 kHz
  • Isotropic sensors
  • Weighted response for direct comparison with the standard limit
  • User-configurable alarms
  • High intensity audible, visible and vibration alarms
  • Customisable alarm threshold
  • Optional GPS and altimeter
  • Datalogger to report and record data
  • USB for PC connection to parameterise and download data
  • Small and lightweight
  • Powered by 2 standard disposable or rechargeable (via USB port) batteries


  • STATIC FIELD DETECTION 0 Hz - Isotropic hall effect sensor
  • LOW FREQUENCY DETECTION 10 Hz to 400 kHz - Isotropic coil-based sensor
  • ACCORDING TO ICNIRP GUIDELINES For general public and occupational exposure
  • EXPOSIMETER WITH DATALOGGER Data collecting and Reporting
  • GPS AND ALTIMETER Geolocation of measurements
  • HIGH INTENSITY AUDIBLE, VISIBLE AND VIBRATORY ALARM With user definable trigger threshold
  • USB 




The WaveMon LF-400 allows workers and general public to stay safe from overexposure in environments such as high-voltage towers, large power transformers or hospitals with MRI equipment, among others. In addition, it warns the users wearing pacemakers or other AIMDs about potentially dangerous magnetic fields.

The WaveMon LF-400 is the perfect LF personal monitor for the following areas:

  • Electricity production and distribution
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Transport and traction systems (railway)
  • Electrochemical processes
  • Hospitals. MRI equipment
  • Welding
  • Induction heating
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, metal detectors and RFID systems
  • Non-destructive magnetic testing

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