The SKC Vac-U-Chamber
For Convenient, Reliable Bag Sampling

The SKC Vac-U-Chamber is a rigid air sample box that allows sample bags to be filled directly by using negative pressure provided by most personal air sample pumps. Since the air sample does not pass through the pump, both pump and sample contamination are eliminated. All surfaces in contact with the sample are constructed of inert materials. The Vac-U-Chamber’s rigid walls will not collapse under vacuum conditions.

  • Allows direct filling of air sample bags
    - Uses negative pressure provided by most personal air sample pumps
    - Designed to contain SKC sample bags
  • Protects from contamination
    - Sample does not pass through the pump
    - Inert surfaces eliminate sample contamination
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction 
    - Will not collapse under vacuum
  • Two sizes available
    - Large for sample volumes up to 8 liters
    - Small for sample volumes up to 1 liter


Using the Vac-U-Chamber

The Vac-U-Chamber is equipped with three 1/4-inch OD fitting ports for inflating sample bags:

  • Sample inlet port for connecting to the sample line or gas source
  • Purge port for purging the air prior to sampling or when preparing the bag for a standard
  • Vacuum port for inflating a bag

An air sample bag is connected to the inside sample inlet port and the chamber is closed, providing an airtight seal. An air sample pump is connected to the outside vacuum outlet port. When activated, the pump evacuates air from inside the chamber. The sample bag inflates as a result of the interior pressure drop. This pneumatic technique allows the air sample to enter the bag directly without passing through the pump, protecting the pump from sample contaminants and the sample from pump contaminants.


  • Stack sampling
  • Ventilation studies
  • Hazmat testing
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Groundwater testing
  • Ambient or indoor air sampling
  • EPA Method 0040

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