The RAE Solar Enclosure provides safe and reliable power generation without the expense of installing utility power. The solar system is designed to be used with AreaRAE wireless detectors or any RAE Systems wireless product including the MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE Plus, MultiRAE Plus, and ChemRAE.

SolarRAE provides remote power for RAE Systems monitors. Each system has an externally mounted 30-watt solar panel that provides power to a 55 Amp/hr sealed gel battery specifically designed for solar systems. In addition, each solar enclosure is equipped with a powerful fan that automatically circulates cool air inside the enclosure when a specific temperature threshold is reached. Fully charged, a solar enclosure can provide up to 2 weeks of continuous usage with no additional solar input.

  • Rugged steel enclosure to withstand harsh environments
  • Viewing window allows for local readings and alarm notification
  • Powerful ventilation fan enables use in hot environments
  • Large 55 Amp/hr gel battery specifically designed for solar applications

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