The SensorRAE is a four socket electrochemical (EC) sensor conditioning station. It keeps RAE Systems’ EC sensors warmed up and ready for immediate use when they are not installed in a RAE Systems’ multi-sensor product. Responders often require a complete "suite" of EC sensors (CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, PH3, and NH3) but may only be using one or two sensors at a time in a particular detector. EC sensors must reach an electrical stability to provide their best performance. While it takes less than an hour per CO sensor to stabilize, it takes at least 24 hours for a NH3 sensor (reference RAE Systems TN 114). However, when a particular chemical threat is identified, the appropriate sensor needs to be ready for use immediately upon installation in a detector.

When a specific EC sensor is required, remove it from the SensorRAE and insert it into the RAE Systems detector. The standard alarm points and calibration values will automatically be loaded into the detector. Reassemble the detector, turn it on, calibrate the sensor and it is ready for use.

  • Includes a battery test button and LED
  • Suitable for both low bias and high bias (NH3 & NO) sensors
  • Simple to use, just plug in the sensor
  • Compact case is small enough to fit in your pocket

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