SKC Conductive Plastic Cyclone

The SKC Plastic Cyclone is a lightweight conductive plastic unit that holds a collection filter in a reusable cassette during sampling. It is designed for a 50% cut-point of 5.0 µm at 1.9 L/min and 4.0 µm at 3.0 L/min. The cyclone attaches to a worker’s collar as close to the breathing zone as possible during sampling. 

The collection efficiency of a cyclone may be influenced by electrostatic effects. If the cyclone carries a net charge, particles of the same charge will be repelled by the cyclone and will not be sampled efficiently. The SKC Plastic Cyclone is constructed of conductive plastic that eliminates the static problem.

For Respirable Dust Sampling 

  • Small: 3.5 x 2 inches (8.9 x 5.1 cm)
  • Lightweight conductive molded plastic
  • Inexpensive
  • Uses 25 and 37-mm filters
  • Reusable plastic filter cassettes
  • Sensitive: designed for particles 7 µm or less


The cyclone is a respirable dust sampler used with a constant flow personal sampling pump such as the SKC Universal XR Series samplers.

A representative, weighed filter is placed into the cyclone’s filter cassette and the pump, with the cyclone in line, is flow calibrated with a primary standard calibrator such as the Defender Calibrator.

The cyclone is clipped to a worker’s collar or pocket as close to the breathing zone as possible and the pump is clipped to the worker’s belt or placed in a protective pouch. The pump is activated and the worker wears the apparatus during the entire sampling period.

After sampling, remove the filter cassette, attach the transport clip to it, and send the cassette with all data to a laboratory for analysis.


  • Filter Cassette
    The reusable filter cassette is equipped with an inlet, an outlet, and a stainless steel filter support grid. The lightweight conductive plastic cassette holds the filter securely in place during sampling. Filter cassettes are available in 25 or 37 mm sizes.  
  • Filters
    The filter material and size should be selected as specified by the sampling method used.
  • About Cyclones
    The cyclone is a particle-size selector used in airborne particulate sampling and is named for the rotation of air within its chamber. The cyclone functions on the same principle as a centrifuge; the rapid circulation of air separates particles according to their equivalent aerodynamic diameter. The respirable dust particles collect on a filter while larger particles fall into the grit pot.
  • About Respirable Dust Sampling
    Respirable dust refers to particles that are invisible to the human eye, settle deep within the lungs, and that are not ejected by breathing out, coughing, or expulsion by mucus. Respirable dust is defined in terms of a sampling efficiency curve and 50% sampling efficiency or cut-point.The SKC Conductive Plastic Cyclone cut-point is 5.0 µm at 1.9 L/min (BMRC curve) or 4.0 µm at 3.0 L/min (ISO/CEN curve).

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