The Optimus VNK has been specifically designed to make the measuring and monitoring of vehicle noise easy and simple

Using the technology of the Optimus+ sound level meter, the VNK automatically calculates the average noise level from three readings, which is required to conform to vehicle noise regulations ISO 5130-1982 and §29 StVZO. Designed to be used in workshops, garages and test laboratories alike, the Optimus VNK is a robust piece of equipment that is simple to operate whilst providing the measurements needed.

Because the Optimus+ sound level meter is built to UK, EU and international standards, the VNK can be used anywhere in the world

  • A comprehensive measurement kit that includes everything you need to carry out vehicle noise measurements
  • A measurement distance template making it easy to position your microphone in exactly the right place in order to conform to standards
  • Lightweight and easy-to-hold sound level meter
  • Sound level meter automatically works out average of three measurements, which is required to conform to standards
  • No complicated setup procedure – just switch on, calibrate and start measuring
  • Measurement trigger button means that only one person is needed in order to take noise measurements


  • Road vehicle
  • Motorsport vehicle



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