Air Monitoring System

The Oizom air monitoring system offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for real-time environmental data monitoring and analytics. The sensor-based air monitoring system monitors environmental data which is communicated via a range of wired and wireless connectivity to a central database in the Oizom cloud.

From here the data can be deeply analysed driving actionable and preventative measures. The data can also be utilised and displayed on platforms such as a web app, mobile app, public display, website, reports and guiding safety alert levels.


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Polludrone is air quality monitoring equipment with integrated sensors and data software. The Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (CAAQMS) is capable of monitoring various environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, weather, radiation, etc.

It monitors the ambient air particulate matter and gaseous concentrations in real-time. Using external probes, it can also monitor other auxiliary parameters like traffic or disaster situations. Polludrone is an ideal choice for smart cities as well as urban infrastructure applications like roadside, campus, and airport monitoring. It is easily integrable with a Smart Pole/Intelligent Pole.

The patented active sampling technology protects direct exposure of sensors in the environment. It makes Polludrone the most accurate and reliable air pollution monitoring system for outdoor conditions.


Odosense is a real-time odour emission tracking solution. Odosense continuously detects, measures and monitors odourous gaseous contaminants. Oizom Odour Monitoring System comprises of a network of ‘e-noses’ (Odosense) positioned on the periphery of the site.

The solution incorporates Odour Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for predicting odour impact on the surrounding area depending on meteorological conditions. With the help of meteorological data, Odosense can trace the odourant dispersion plume fuelled by conditions like wind speed and wind direction.

Odosense is a fully solar-powered solution with wireless data transmission. This makes it an ideal choice for landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilisers, paper-pulp industries and soil-treatment sites.


Dustroid is an Online Dust Monitoring System for accurate and simultaneous measurement of PM10 and PM2.5 in ambient air. It is capable of monitoring various particulate size ranging from 1 micron to 100 microns. It can measure different kinds of dust pollution like Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM), Respiratory Particulate Matters (RPM) and Total Suspended Particulates (TSP).

It works on the ‘Active Sampling’ method to count particulate matters using a highly accurate laser beam. Dustroid can be used for dust monitoring in areas with dust-laden activities like construction, mining, quarrying, ports, metallurgical processes, and many more. The data gathered from the dust monitor can assist in dust suppression automation, for instance, to activate suppressants at the location once the threshold is breached.


Weathercom is an Automatic Weather Station (AWS). It measures meteorological parameters such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, visibility, UV-radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Through Weathercom, hyper-local meteorological parameters can be monitored in real-time, which can help to make timely decisions in case of any natural hazard. Weather forecasting and predictions are possible through historical data and trend analysis, which can aid in timely warning and alert broadcasting.

The automatic weather station is easily installed with a plug-and-play feature and solar panel makes it independent of any power source. It can withstand extreme weather conditions from tropical heat to arctic cold, as well as extreme wind and rains. These features make Weathercom an ideal choice for comprehensive meteorological monitoring.

Where can Oizom Air Monitoring System be Used?

Smart City

Oizom provides solutions for complete environmental monitoring of a smart city. The air monitoring system is compatible with available networks and infrastructure of the city. Authorities can access the data and create awareness among residents.

Smart Campus

Oizom sensors are a smart solution to empower the residents of the community. The air monitoring system monitors the dust and noise levels in the residence vicinity. The data can be communicated as suggestive actions in the mobile app to help residents take data-driven decisions.

Road Safety

Oizom solutions offer enhanced road safety by monitoring pollution and weather on roads. Monitoring visibility, road surface temperature, snow on roads, etc. can help in enhancing traffic flow with the ability to automate ventilations at tunnels and parking areas.


Dust Suppression

Oizom offers a smart, cost-effective, and low powered air monitoring system focused on a Suspended Particle Monitoring Solution. Peripheral monitoring around construction site, mines and quarries, or civil works, is beneficial to ensure the activities are not violating hazard exposure regulations.

Waste Water Treatment

Oizom monitors odourful gaseous emission on a real-time basis near process tanks of an STP or ETP for data-driven odour control for waste water treatment. The odour impact on the surrounding area can be tracked to take remedial action.

Solid Waste Management

Oizom offers odour monitoring around municipal solid waste dumping grounds or landfills. The in-built weather station monitors odour dispersion even during high winds. The unwanted odours can be restricted by suppression methods.

Data Management

Real-time Data

Oizom Terminal, is the air quality monitoring software that provides a macro picture of the environmental condition of all the selected locations. It represents real-time environmental data in a geo-mapped visual along with a calculated Air Quality Index (AQI). The air quality monitoring software shows the concentration of each environmental parameter being monitored along with the calculated AQI. You can observe the real-time pollution data along with weather parameters like wind, temperature, and humidity. The colour-coded index is deemed necessary to understand and interpret the concentration of various pollutants.

Historical Data Analytics

The Analytics module of Oizom Terminal, provides three ways for analysis, location, parametric, and time-span comparisons. The web based AQI software provides location comparison, which allows comparing the data of two or more equipment installed at different locations for a particular parameter for a fixed period.

Parametric comparison allows comparison of multiple parameters of one location for a selected time. Time-span comparison analyses the parametric data of a location for different time slots such as morning vs evening-peak hours.

Mobile App

Oizom mobile app allows users to visualise the air quality of their city and remotely compare it with AQI of hundreds of cities around the world. The user-friendly app also generates alerts every time there is a pollution threshold breach. The aim is to make environmental data accessible to everyone for increased public awareness through the mobile app. This can simulate the precautionary actions by the citizens for their day-to-day activities to achieve better overall health.

Why is Oizom Different?

  • End-to-End Solution

    Oizom offers a 360-degree solution, from problem identification to its solution. That’s why the system can provide ambient air quality monitoring, but also provide the analytics.

  • Data Accuracy

    Oizom provide the most accurate data. The air monitoring system has patented ‘Micro-Sampling Technology’ and 3-level calibration to provide up to 92% accuracy.

  • Proven Technology

    Oizom uses IoT based e-breathing technology to deliver optimum solutions. The application is targeted through a high-end hardware, cloud software and data science.

  • Scalable Use Cases

    A dense network of data points at the target location is created. This enables the identification of hyperlocal problems and data-driven led decisions for solving the problem.

Current Users

Oizom’s prime focus is on environmental monitoring technology and solutions. Oizom Ambient Air Quality Monitoring solutions are actively monitoring the environmental conditions of 6 Smart Cities in India, being live in 10 global cities like Mumbai, Delhi, London, Tokyo and Istanbul. Oizom has a strong presence in more than 10 countries through an ecosystem of network-partners.

Oizom currently monitors the environmental health of 10 million people in more than 13 countries across 3 continents in real-time. Oizom has made Ambient Air Quality Monitoring affordable. More than 10 smart cities are currently monitoring their ambient environment. People are becoming more aware of the air they are breathing through these solutions.


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