WaveControl have made some super helpful videos about their personal Electromagnetic Field monitors the WaveMon RF-60. The latest version of their monitor can measure in electric field intensity conditions of up to 30 kV/m at 50/60 Hz without giving false readings of non-existent RF levels. The WaveMon RF-60 is essential in providing guaranteed safety to those working on overhead power lines near telecommunication towers.

Leading energy providers across Australia use the WaveMon to monitor levels of high frequency magnetic fields from communication towers and to confirm when it’s safe for their employees to conduct work near these potentially high-risk areas. You may need to consider purchasing a monitor if you carry our contracted work for such energy providers as it’s often difficult to guarantee the telecommunication provider has stopped transmission as scheduled. Using a WaveMon monitor will provide you with peace of mind and ensure that no dangerous levels of RF are being emitted at this time.

The following videos show how easy it is to use and setup your WaveMon.

1) Introduction and basic usage of the WaveMon. Learn about the basic usage and accessories of the WaveMon in this video.

2) Attaching your WaveMon to your body. Learn how to attach the WaveMon to your harness, arm or belt to monitor your body's exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic fields.

3) WaveMon Reader Software. Learn how to use the WaveMon Reader software provided with your WaveMon. Edit measurements, adjust settings, and customize visual and audible alarms.

We hope these vidoes are helpful, please just get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a WaveMon Personal EMF Monitor or need more information.