Dexsil Lead Test kits have now been added to AES’s product offering. The 3M LeadCheck kits were discontinued a little while ago, and the Dexsil Lead Test provides an easy replacement option. Both kits use the well-known and proven rhodizonate method for colorimetric lead testing.

Simple Test Process

Employing the proven rhodizonate method, the Dexsil Lead Test can be used on any non-porous surface where lead leaching is possible as well as painted surfaces, objects exposed to lead-containing dust and alloys with traces of lead.

The testing process is simple as the single use swabs have premeasured reagents in crushable ampules that are contained in a plastic tube and safety sleeve. The ampules are sealed and only activated at the time of the test to enable their long shelf life.

Who are Dexsil?

Since 1977 Dexsil has been the leader in developing easy-to-use, accurate testing devices to make on-site chemical analysis faster and less expensive. Dexsil products take sophisticated analysis and detection out of the laboratory and into the field, saving customers time and money, while safeguarding expensive equipment and preserving the environment.

Talk to your local AES office to order or visit the product page here for more information.