AES has been awarded Global Distributor of the Year from its partner AccuTec-IHS, the manufacturer of the AccuFIT 9000 PRO respiratory fit-tester.

The important piece of equipment has been making waves in the marketplace due to its ease of use, flexibility to fit all respirator types and a competitive price point. AES introduced the AccuFIT 9000 PRO to the Australian market in 2020 providing customers with a choice of fit-tester.

The pandemic emphasised the need for quality and accurate fit-testing machines to ensure all respirators were fitted to the wearer correctly due to the importance of fit in preventing person to person transmission of airborne viruses. The AccuFIT 9000 PRO has cemented its position as one of the leading brands of respiratory fit-tester due to its reliability,  accurate data collection and ready availability in Australia.

AES received the global distributor award for supplying the most AccuFIT 9000 PRO units out of all official distributors. AES are proud to be supplying such a solid performing instrument with one customer saying;  “We bought our first AccuFIT 9000 PRO over 14 months ago and we are pleased with the performance. Superior device by far.”

During this time AES have invested substantially in maintenance equipment for the AccuFIT 9000 PRO procuring calibration instrumentation and constructing a purpose-built laboratory to calibrate and repair the units locally in the head office in Melbourne.

Aleks Todorovic, Managing Director of AES said, “We were delighted to be given the award of global distributor of the year from AccuTec-IHS. We knew the AccuFIT 9000 PRO was a well-designed unit and good addition to our product portfolio, and our sales have complimented this.

“It made sense to invest in the equipment to service and calibrate the AccuFIT 9000 PRO on our premises to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Not only do customers get a reliable fit-tester they also get a quick turnaround on service and calibration to keep it operating correctly, with minimum downtime.”

AccuTec-IHS’ General Manager and Co-Founder, Conor O’Donnell replied “The AccuFIT 9000 PRO is a solid product, and we’re very proud of it. However, as with any high-tech instrument, sales and support are equally important to the end-user’s experience. That is the main reason we are absolutely delighted to have AES as our exclusive Australian Distributor. Our congratulations to the entire AES team.”

To see what all the excitement is about take a look at the AccuFIT 9000 PRO product page or to book in your service, please download this form.  A reminder that AES also stock consumables for the AccuFIT 9000 PRO unit click here.