Experts in occupational health & safety, Active Environmental Solutions (AES) were this month appointed as an authorised distributor for the market-leading Connected Worker Solution by Wearable Technologies Ltd (WTL).


Headquartered in Melbourne, with three other sites and a reseller channel spanning Australia, AES is building on their existing reputation as the leading occupational health and safety provider in the country, to becoming experts in providing enhanced outcomes in the world of connected occupational health and safety and environmental monitoring.


Aleks Todorovic, Managing Director at AES says, “Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. In our mission to continually improve industrial worker safety and environmental monitoring, we have developed a range of products and solutions under the umbrella of AES CONNECT.


AES CONNECT offers turnkey end-to-end digital transformation strategies through wearable sensors and intelligent analytics, enabling organisations to implement connected occupational health and safety and environmental monitoring solutions in industrial environments and employ a range of real or near real-time monitoring and historical data solutions which will inform businesses and improve safety, productivity and regulatory compliance.”


The Eleksen Connected Worker Solution will form an essential and symbiotic ‘bridge’ between the worker and the analytics, enabling many environmental sensors to be connected at any one time, with the data being transferred to one, easy to navigate dashboard and analytics suite. Whilst many industrial organisations are amply served in the monitoring of their physical assets, they do not have the same ability to collect and analyse people ‘data’ or continually monitor their environment. By combining both in the big data lakes that they are constructing to harness AI, they will be able to extract and deliver actionable insights to better inform their business and environmental conditions of their workforce.


Taking data from these devices on to one central dashboard in a site office or control room not only improves response times to emergency alerts but also facilitates the subsequent data reporting and analytics in areas such as long-term occupational health.


Eleksen has also recently launched an industrial social distancing solution in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Eleksen Safer Space actively reminds the worker, via a hub or smart PPE garment with flashing LED’s, to maintain their 2m social distancing, protecting themselves and those around them with alerts and helping to drive the right behaviour changes across the workforce. Part of WTL’s Eleksen connected worker eco-system, employers can now monitor the effectiveness of their social distancing policies, with data analytics reporting on different groups of workers within a site, and across their sites to compare relative performance. Overcrowding hotspots and digital audit trails comprise part of the standard actionable insight reporting. In addition, the solution offers an optional Covid-19 workforce trace and reporting module, facilitating swift responses to enable continued operations.


Tushar Chavda, Sales Director of WTL comments, “AES is well known for their best in class service and support of all the brands they represent across Australia; including Honeywell, Arizona Instruments and Rae Systems. They already support a range of wearable sensor devices, making them a perfect distribution partner for WTL. We look forward to introducing the system in Australia and will be working hard to support AES and their customers to integrate the Eleksen Connected Worker eco-system into their organisations.”

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