Mycometer®-surface is a versatile analytical tool for testing surfaces and bulk materials for mold contamination on-site.

The aim has been to specifically develop a method to quantify the level of mold on different building materials and surfaces as well as inside porous materials (bulk samples). The Mycometer®-surface method provides users with validated criteria for documenting and delineating the amount of fungal biomass on surfaces.

Since 1998, the method has provided users with a proven tool to assess environments rapidly with confidence.  This comppetitive advantage results in a rapid return on investment.

  • Measures spores, fragments, hyphae and no viable cells
  • analysis of up to 20 samples on-site in one hour
  • mandatory user certification ensures staff are fully trained to Mycometer test methods
  • 70 samples can be analysed per hour in lab setup with trained technician
  • differentiation of mold growth  via Mycometer-surface interpretation criteria
  • on-site analysis for retention of chain of custody
  • rapid reliable results


kit contains:
  • Timer
  • Battery-Powered Fluorometer
  • Thermometer
  • Popette, Auto-Measure
  • Sample Racks x 2
  • Travel Case
  • User certification training CD or flashdrive
  • Calibration standards

Certification training is provided with each kit.  Each kit contains all the sampling media and chemistry necessary to analyse one sample.

The method corrects for temperature effects on enzyme activity.

Assays can be stored for up to 18 months (assays sold separately)


  • Expedite disaster response damage assessment
  • Healthcare ICRA documentation
  • Routine maintenance cleaning confirmation
  • Initial diagnostic assessment
  • Visual contamination confirmation
  • Bulk samples/porous materials
  • Contamination/remediation assessment
  • Rapid remediation clearance testing
  • Pre/Post HVAC cleaning documentation
  • Fragile materials assessment

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