Quantification of mold in the air

Mycometer®-Air can provide onsite results in less than an hour using state of the art test methods for quantification of fungal particles in air.

The methodology measures the level of fungal particles in terms of viable and most non-viable spores and hyphal fragments (by measuring the level of the enzyme, β-N-acetylhexosaminidase (NAHA), from airborne fungal particles captured on a 0,8 µm pore size filter).

  • Mycometer®-air test is verified by USEPA
  • High reproducibility (<10% RSD) in the methodology
  • Objective analysis free from subjective evaluation
  • Interpretive criteria for many applicationsow chance of false negatives when using the aggressive sampling protocolRapid results onsite
  • Elimination of high short term variability with a standardized aggressive sampling protocol
  • Aggressive Post Remediation sampling (similar to that used for asbestos) gives the best possible results for confident project completion
  • No overloading


Mycometer-Air provides unprecedented reliability over currents methods. Whereas, spore traps and culture plates data sets may have standard deviations of more than 50%, Mycometer-air is consistently less than 10%.

The data is more meaningful because of the improved realiability.  The professional can make the best decision possible in the least amount of time because the data is collected on-site.


  • Rapid remediation clearance testing
  • Healthy Building Assessments Initial diagnostic assessment
  • Pre/Post HVAC cleaning documentation
  • Expedite disaster response damage assessment
  • Healthcare ICRA documentation
  • Routine maintenance cleaning

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