The Elemental Mercury Passive Sampler collects mercury vapors without the use of a pump. The Elemental Mercury Passive Sampler clips in a worker’s breathing zone and is suitable for long-term sampling up to 120 hours.

Several methods for determining personal exposure levels of elemental mercury vapor are available. Sampling methods that employ passive samplers are desirable because they are simple to perform and eliminate the need for sampling pumps. Unfortunately, most passive samplers must be returned to the manufacturer for analysis by proprietaryprocedures.

SKC, however, offers an elemental mercury sampler that is designed for analysis using standard laboratory equipment; therefore, the cost per measurement is kept to an absolute minimum compared to other samplers. The 520 Series Elemental Mercury Sampler measures worker exposure levels as a time-weighted Average (TWA) and permits the positive analysis of elemental mercury vapor.

The SKC Passive Sampler for Elemental Mercury is specified in OSHA Method ID-140 for eight hour TWA sampling. A backup report by OSHA expands application of this sampler for long-term sampling up to 120 hours.


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