Comprehensive Large Area Electromagnetic Map

The MapEM system allows creation of a comprehensive map of electromagnetic field levels covering a large area, such as a city. The device can be easily installed on a vehicle to measure the intensity of the electric field (V/m) as it drives around the streets, eventually providing a “snapshot” of electro-magnetic radiation levels throughout the area.

  • Non-Ionizing Radiation electromagnetic maps
    Coverage of large areas
  • Drive Test
    Data gathered by drive test
  • Visual communication
    Colour and pattern codes


Measurement equipment

Sensor type Isotropic, RMS
Frequency range (customizable) High frequencies: 100 kHz – 8 GHz
Mobile telephones: GSM, UMTS, LTE
Measurement range 0.2 – 100 V/m
Sampling frequency 1 measurement per second
Calibration By a laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation
Operating temperature - 30ºC to + 80ºC

Mechanical properties

Dimensions 70 x 40 x 8 cm
Weight 8 Kg
Environmental protection IP66
Installation kit Magnetic base
Easily installation and removal on vehicle roof

Operating characteristics

Data transfer External USB connector
Memory Micro SD (1 GByte) + Eeprom
Power supply 12 Volt DC connected to vehicle and internal battery
Software Compatible with Windows O.S.
Vehicle speed 0 a 60 km/h (recommended)
Results Display software / Results database


Display software Display interface that superimposes measurement levels on the map
Coding Editable scale: by colour and values
Data downloading Georeferenced data in Access or CSV format
Exportation Level map images in JPG format

Product specifications and descriptions in this document subject to change without notice


  • Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Powerline
  • Defence
  • Medical

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