SURE-SEAL Certified Leak-free Cassettes

Through precision molding and a rigorous in-process quality assurance program, SureSeal cassettes are produced to ensure that they will not leak under vacuum. Only cassettes that meet these exacting standards are certified leak-free and carry the SureSeal.

SKC SureSeal certified leak-free cassettes eliminate filter bypass and plastic-to-plastic leakage for the most accurate sampling.

  • Problem:     Filter bypass can result in significant error by underestimating the sample or, in extreme cases, a "false negative" measurement.
    Solution:     SureSeal certified leak-free cassettes eliminate filter bypass.
  • Problem:     Plastic-to-plastic leakage increases sample size and is not representative of the sampled air that enters the inlet of the cassette. Due to the restriction of the plastic-to-plastic pathway, even poorly constructed cassettes can filter out 30- to 40-micron particles, which are not retained by the filter as part of the air sampled. The contaminant would be underestimated.
    Solution:     SureSeal certified leak-free cassettes are precision molded and rigorously leak tested to eliminate plastic-to-plastic leakage.

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