ITEG500 globe thermometer is a device used to increase the quality of unsanitary measurement operations at work, meeting the requirements of the main standards.

  • Performs the dry-bulb, wet-bulb and globe measurements
  • Performs automatically indoor and outdoor WBGT calculation

It has a datalogger that stores process measurement. It possess a software for online monitoring and reports for technical appraisal. Provided with an ABS carryng case, distilled water and other accessories. Developed and manufactured in Brazil.  


Display LCD (16 characters x 2 rows)
Sensor Input Pt100 , 3 wires CLASS A
Range -50 a 150°C
Converter Resolution 5000 points
Precision 0,1%
Resolution 0,1°C
Performs Indoor and Outdoor WBGT Calculation
Indicates Temperatures wet-bulb, dry-bulb, and Globe
Sample Rate 2 per second
Storage Capacity 300.000 acquisitions
Communication USB Port / Bluetooth (Optional)
Alimentation external source, and rechargeable battery
Consumption 18 mA
Operating Temperature -10 a 60°C
Battery Life 40 hours
Maximum Length of the Sensor Cable 10 meters
Sensor Connection DB 9 pin
Case and Carrying Case Material ABS
Protection Degree IP40
Keyboard multifunction
Thermometer Dimensions 190 x 126 x 59 mm
Carrying Case Dimensions 460 x 320 x 170 mm
Maximum Tripod Dimensions 700 a 1900 mm

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