HydraTrendTM  test strips are designed to carefully measure your urine’s specific gravity as an indication of hydration status. Hydration test strips provide feedback so you can adjust your fluid intake.

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  • Provides feedback on hydration status that can be used to adjust fluid intake
  • Is convenient and easy to use
  • Gives results in 30 to 60 seconds
  • Uses a small urine sample


HydraTrendTM test strips are intended for self-monitoring of urine pH and specific gravity for hydration status monitoring. These single-use test strips are easy to use by dipping the strip into the collection cup provided or bypassing the test strip through a urine stream. Wait 30 seconds to allow the colours to develop before reading and comparing the developed pH and specific gravity test pads against the colour chart on the bottle label.

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Completely immerse strip in well-mixed urine.

Remove excess urine from strip.

Wait the specific time per test.

Compare strip to corresponding colour chart.


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