As mentioned in Women's Health magazine, page 97 of January 2014 issue.

One of the most common methods of hydration monitoring, checking the colour of urine, can be inaccurate for a number of reasons. High protein diets and vegetarian diets, beverages and multivitamins can significantly change the colour of your urine, making it difficult to determine whether you are hydrated or not. To achieve an accurate, reliable result and protect your health, it's always best to use a proven hydration monitoring tool.

HydraTrend urine test strips are designed to carefully measure your urine’s specific gravity as an indication of hydration status. Dehydration test strips provide feedback so you can adjust your fluid intake.

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HydraTrend bottle of 50 test strips $53.95 ( plus GST)

  • provides feedback on hydration status that can be used to adjust fluid intake
  • Is convenient and easy to use
  • Gives results in 30 to 60 seconds
  • Uses a small urine sample

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