The LSI Lastem Heat Shield is the ultimate solution to guarantee workers protection against the risks of heat stress. Heat Shield measures globe temperature, wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity and displays on-line WBGT indoor & outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex.

Thanks to its compactness, ruggedness and ease of use, Heat Shield is the ideal solution for everyday monitoring in the harsh working environments where heat stress conditions normally arise in both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • 8 MB memory for extended datalogging
  • Quick, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor WBGT index
  • Probe design and performance according to ISO7726
  • The most advanced software available on the market for Thermal Environment Analysis GIDAS TEA
  • Automatic start/stop of measurements
  • Support for anemometer
  • Built-in radio technology for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different locations/heights
  • Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Support for ISO7730 thermal comfort analysis with PMV and PPD indexes
  • Support for additional ISO indexes for heat and cold stress
  • Predicted Heat Strain (PHS)
  • Insulation Required (IREQ)


Data Logging 1sec 12 hours
Memory 8 MB of flash data memory
survey identification time and date stamping with clock and calendar
Battery 2A (4.2V) Lithium rechargeable
IP Rating IP 54
Approvals CE mark
Type Sensor Range Accuracy
Natural Wet Bulb
(Cotton wick immersed into a built-in reservoir with detachable cover)
1/3 DIN-A
-20÷60°C ± 0.3°C
Globe Thermometer
(Support for both 2” and 6” copper globes)
1/3 DIN-A
-20÷60°C ± 0.3°C
Dry Bulb Thermometer
(Equipped with radiant screen for outdoor use)
?? Pt100 -20÷60°C ± 0.8°C
±0.4°C (10-40°C)
Relative Humidity Sensor Capacitive sensing element 0÷100% 1.8 %RH
Air Flow (optional)* Hot wire (Tungsten wire diam. 9,45?m) 0.01÷20 m/s ±10 cm/s
(0,5÷1,5 m/s)
4% (>1,5 m/s)
Anemometer (optional)* Cup anemometer for outdoor use 0÷75 m/s 2,5%

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