GS Series Respirable Dust Cyclones

Sample Time: Varies

Sampling Rate: 2.75 L/min for 4.0-µm 50% cut-point*
3.7 L/min for 3.5-µm 50% cut-point†

Sample Pump: Universal or AirChek

Sample Media: 25 or 37-mm filters

The Multiple-inlet GS-3 Cyclone
The GS-3 Cyclone is a 10-mm lightweight conductive plastic unit used with a standard three-piece cassette with filter for the collection of respirable dust particles. The GS-3 Cyclone’s removable cassette adapter fits securely into the middle ring of the filter cassette during sampling. Designed to meet the ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable convention, the GS-3 Cyclone has a 50% cut-point of 4 µm (bias within ISO/NIOSH requirements) at 2.75 L/min* or 3.5 µm at 3.7 L/min† for alternate applications.

Meets ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable convention

  • 4.0-µm 50% cut-point at a 2.75 L/min flow rate*
  • 3.5-µm 50% cut-point at a 3.7 L/min flow rate† for alternate applications

Eliminates adverse electrostatic effects

Tangential inlet design decreases particle losses due to impaction

Eliminates ambient wind speed and orientation effects

Overcomes electrostatic effects experienced with the Dorr-Oliver Cyclone

Conductive plastic is safe for underground mine use


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