The Grab Air Sampler is a hand-held battery-operated sample pump designed to fill bags at 1 L/min efficiently and reliably. A simple "turn on and sample" pump, Grab Air operates on a disposable 9-volt alkaline battery. An LED indicates low battery. The Grab Air Sample Pump is recommended for sample bags up to 10 liters.

Sampling Tips

  • Use only Teflon tubing and a Teflon-lined septum for bag sampling to prevent sample loss.
  • Flush bags thoroughly with purified air or nitrogen before use.
  • Do not use bags to collect unstable or highly reactive compounds.
  • Do not ship sample bags by air unless the cargo cabin is pressurized.
  • When sampling for light-sensitive compounds, use black layered Tedlar bags.
  • When sampling for CO or CO2, use SKC Foil Grab Bags (245 Series).
  • Long-term storage of compounds in Tedlar bags is not recommended as chemicals can adsorb onto the inside surface of the bag.
  • The O-ring in the sampling valve on SKC sample bags withstands temperatures up to 200 F (93.3 C). Use this as a sampling guideline.
  • Avoid filling any bag more than 80% of its maximum volume. Visually inspect the bag as it is filling to determine when sampling is complete.


Flow Rate Approx. 1 L/min
Operation Time Approx. 1000 L volume per battery dependent on battery quality
Battery Disposable 9-V alkaline
Pumping Action Diaphragm
Case Sturdy, lightweight plastic
Intrinsic Safety Not intended for use in explosive or hazardous locations

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