The Defender is a true primary standard calibrator based on volume displacement. Built on next-generation DryCal® technology, the new Defender calibrators integrate all the advantages of the popular DC-Lite calibrator with exciting new features based on 10 years of product feedback and ongoing research.

Available in 3 flow ranges:

  • 5 to 500 ml/min
  • 50 to 5000 ml/min
  • 300 to 30,000 ml/min

Exciting Defender Features:

  • Choose single, hands-free continuous, or user-specified “burst” measurements
  • Large illuminated graphical display with zoom feature
  • Sleek molded case design with rubber handgrips
    — slim enough to fit in a briefcase
  • Integrated serial PC interface and software
  • Rugged — interior shock absorbers for field use
  • Time intervals between measurements for checking personal sampling stability over a typical sampling period
  • 3 wide flow ranges: 5 to 500 ml, 50 ml to 5 L, and 300 ml to 30 L

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