The Datalogger Type 575-II is the successor model of the long-standing field-proven Type 575 for measuring and recording water level and temperature in groundwater wells and surface water stations. First, the slimmer diameter of 22mm catches the eye, now this Groundwater Datalogger can also be used in 1-inch groundwater observation wells. In addition of a large flash memory, the circuit has been designed to extremely low power consumption.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance free - no desiccant / dry cartridges required
  • Compact design with Ø 22mm for installation in pipes from 1 inch
  • Check measurements by a Water Level Meter are possible from 2-inch without removal of the Datalogger from the pipe
  • Flood-proof converter unit - permanently up to 3m water column
  • Power supply for 10 years operation and 3,000,000 measurements
  • Made of high class stainless steel
  • Secure installation, with each pipe diameter

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