The ability to connect all your safety devices, individual worker monitors and environmental data hubs is not a future development, it’s a tangible reality and it's available now. At AES we have the solutions and technology, backed by industry knowledge, to bring advanced digital technologies to connect your world.

Whether you’re a site manager of an oil and gas platform or an Occupational Health consultant auditing a remediation site, AES CONNECT can provide you with a central hub to track and maintain safety procedure compliance, provide real-time results, quick access to equipment data and remote report generating capability.

Improving Worker Safety

Track the completion of training, face fit testing and medical evaluations. Access to real-time data that offers visibility into safety and health for field and lone workers.

Reduce Manual Process and Enhance Compliance and Tracking

Track inspection schedules and maintenance operations to help eliminate paper-based reporting and the potential manual errors associated with this. Real-time data collection will ensure reports are always up-to-date for audits.

Track High Value Assets

Know where your higher value equipment is always situated using wireless GPS to avoid costly loss of equipment scenarios.

Increase Productivity

Collecting data via a wireless connection eliminates the need for workers to complete paperwork or administrative duties on site, allowing them to concentrate on their tasks.

It’s not just the workers safety credentials that can be monitored remotely using wireless applications, we can provide solutions to understand the impact of elements on a workplace, community or the whole environment. Why not connect your entire working world to ensure all domains are safe, protected and working efficiently?

We believe in the power of wireless communications to understand the complete impact of your operation on workers, workplace, community and the environment, with the ability to access real-time data from any domain.


To talk about your specific Connected Solution needs, or wireless equipment and what’s available to you, please get in touch.

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